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Where Are They Now?

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Susan Haskell's ears have been ringing.  Metaphorically speaking, that is:  Her OLTL character, Marty, who started out as a needy bad girl and accused Rev. Carpenter of sexual misconduct, then got gang raped and ultimately fled to Ireland with poet husband Patrick, was recently discussed on the show as an example of how a spurned young woman can cause major trouble.

Laughs Haskell, "My friends have called and said, "They were talking about you [on the show] the other day!"  It's flattering when they bring up your character like it's part of the history." She used to be able to catch up on her soaps, but since February, the actress and former co-star Thorsten Kaye (Ian, PC; ex-Patrick, OLTL) have had TV time curtailed, thanks to the birth of daughter McKenna.  "She's so much fun," gushes the new mom. 

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"I can't imagine what it was like before."  As for daddy, "He's just a natural father.  She lights up with him."

All of which means that Haskell has put her career on hold for a while. Though after OLTL, she continued working steadily on TV (JAG) and in film (Mrs. Winterbourne), pregnancy put a strain on such pursuits - and then she developed placenta previa.  "Basically, it means three months of bed rest," she explains.  "[McKenna] was always healthy, it was just me who had complications.  It was interesting, to say the least.  It was easy to do in a sense that I knew what I was doing it for."

And the silver lining:  She could watch soaps.  "I did!" she exclaims.  "It was nice, getting to watch some of my friends again."  PC's cancellation means that Kaye will be looking for work, but the show's death is upsetting for other reasons, too.  "The people I met there were a lovely group.  It's always sad when something like that comes to an end."

Speaking of which, though she's not ready yet, Haskell will eventually test the work waters again.  "I'm now just starting to think about it," she says, not ruling out another soap.  "However it evolves, it will evolve around [McKenna]."  And, she adds, changing coasts is not out of the question.  "Back East has always been in the back of our minds," she says.  "We don't have any specific plans, though."

For now, the former Marty will remain just Mom - and wait for what the future holds.  And who knows?  Someday, Patrick and Marty might sail back over from Ireland. "That's right," she grins.  "Of course, [our] child would end up being, like, 25 now - that's how it works on soaps.  That's a little frightening.  I'd have to talk to [Thorsten] about that first."