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Performer of the Week
Applause Applause
Performer of the Week
Gold Star: Susan Haskell (Marty) is This Issue's Outstanding Performer
RELAX And Release
New LIFE for Kaye?
The Marry Makers
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Bad Times for Marty
With Honors: This Year's Crop of Daytime Emmy Nominees Tell All
Real to Reel: Susan Haskell (Marty, OLTL) and Thorsten Kaye (Zach, AMC ex-Patrick, OLTL)
Take Five
Marty Remembers Everything
Anchors Aweigh
Tales From the Interview
Sense of Self
Performer of the Week
Couple Corner: Sharing the Wealth
Gold Star: Susan Haskell (Marty) is This Issue's Outstanding Performer
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Performer of the Week
The Truth Hurts
A Closer Look: Marty
John Tells All To Marty
OLTL's Todd And Marty Have Sex!
Marty And Todd Have Sex
OLTL's Todd Makes A Shocking Request
Todd And Marty Play House
If Memory Serves
All-Star Scrapbook
A Closer Look: Marty
Haskell Returns to OLTL
Haskell's Heading  Home!
Marty Set To Return!
Susan Haskell Returns To OLTL
One Life To Live: Haskell's Back!
Those Magic Moments
Where Are They Now?
Women Filmmakers Take Challenges, Talk Girl Power
Angel With A Key
Sister Act
Kaye's Real-Life Love Joins PC
The Surprise
Love... & all that Stuff

Where Are They Now?

Love, Honor and Cherish: Fairy-Tale Weddings
One Life To Live: Thirty Years Of Memories: 1 | 2 | 3
What Would Happen If Marty Came Back?
No More Soaps For OLTL Star - Now!
Any Happy Returns?
Applause Applause
Just The Facts
America Online Auditorium Chat Transcript
This Triangle is About to Explode!
The Best and Worst This Spring: Which Man is Better for Marty?  Best Triangle
Time For OLTL's Bride To Decide!
Night Of Love With A Dangerous Stranger
Please Mr. Postman
Taking A Chance Again
Her Life's Right On Track
Star Treatment
"I'd Like To See Marty Fall In Love"
Susan Haskell Looks Great - Even in Menswear!
Opposites Attract
Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself
Susan Haskell And Ricki Lake - Separated At Birth
Forbidden Passion
Forward March!
The Good Life
Star of the Week
Most Beautiful Woman
Handle With Care
She's So Excited
A Christmas Carol
Marty's Rapists Sentenced to Prison
The Accused
Suds Appeal
Face To Face