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The Marry Makers

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June 8, 2010


The Marry Makers: Patrick Thornhart and Marty Saybrooke

The Big Day: September 11, 1997

The Ceremony: Two years after they began a star-crossed love affair on the Irish island of Inishcrag, the pair's simple nups took place in an idyllic woodland setting atop Llantano Mountain. Larry Wolek, the kind physician who treated Marty for lupus and helped her realize her calling as a doctor, gave Marty away, and her maid of honor was Nora, while Bo stood up for Patrick.  Marty walked down the grassy aisle as a single violin played, passing a handful of close friends seated in white chairs.  A local judge presided and during part of the ceremony, a voice-over of Patrick reciting the poem "Brown Penny" reminded fans of a special moment from their early courtship.  The bride dressed ina pale chartreuse-colored sheath and wore only baby's breath in her hair.

The Afterparty: An outdoor evening reception followed.  Under trees strewn with white paper lanterns, the couple waltzed to a Celtic theme.  There were several wedding crashers, including Patrick's ex-lover Blair (who wanted to wish him well after all they'd been through, and to congratulate the pregnant bride, who was carrying Cole), and unfortunately, the Irish terrorists who had been after Patrick for years.  A shooting disrupted the ceremony and although it appeared that Patrick had been killed in a standoff at Todd's penthouse, our hearts soared as Marty discovered in the ambulance that her beloved survived and and she promptly whisked him out of town to start their new life away from danger.

The Vows:

Patrick: Margaret, when I met you for the first time, under a full moon on Inishcrag, I thought it was by chance.  But I was wrong.  It wasn't by chance at all.  It was my destiny to find you, to love you with all my heart for the rest of my days.
Marty: From the moment I met you, the first night you kissed me, beneath a full moon shining on Inishcrag, there have been so many things that have tried to keep usseparated, but it hasn't happened because we were meant to be together, now and for the rest of our lives.  I love you.