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One Life to Live

Thirty Years of Memories

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Susan Haskell distinguished herself for her portrayal of One Life to Live's anguished rape victim, Marty Saybrooke. While accepting her award, Susan remembered One Life to Live's viewers when she declared her desire to "share this with the men and women who wrote to me and shared their stories. Thank you so much."


Left: Wth her Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series


"Marty is a very unusual name, but one that fit my character. Our head writer at the time, Michael Malone, relied heavily on symbolism when he named a new character. For instance, Marty was from a very wealthy family, so Michael chose the last name Saybrooke after Old Saybrooke, an uppercrust town in Connecticut, and Marty because it sounds a little boyish and rebellious."


Left: On the One Life to Live set with co-stars Laura Koffman and Wortham Krimmer

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Marty Saybrooke and Dylan Moody proved to be each other's best friend… and before long, they fell in love. Laidback and easygoing, Dylan offered Marty a shoulder to lean on in the aftermath of the rape trial, while Marty helped Dylan (whose wife cheated on him) to trust women again.


Left: With Christopher Douglas

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As much as she tried, Marty Saybrooke could never seem to get Todd out of her life. Following the rape, an ironic twist of fate brought Todd and Marty together when the prison van transferring him to a maximum security prison crashed, and Todd escaped yet again. Incredibly, the van hit a car driven by Marty Saybrooke, and carrying little C. J. Roberts and Jessica Buchanan. Instead of running to freedom, Todd saved their lives. His act of heroism warranted a full pardon from the governor.


Left: With Roger Howarth as Todd Manning