Susan Haskell

Marty Remembers Everything

Soap Opera Digest

May 26, 2009

After a year of being in Llanview with no memory of her former life there, Marty has a major breakthrough -- with Todd's help.  "His voice literally jogs her memory," previews Susan Haskell (Marty).

While trapped in the very room where Todd, Zach and Powel raped  her years earlier, Marty begins to have flashes of what happened there.  "She starts to remember things once she and Todd are in the room by themselves," sets up the actress.  "Not that she hadn't noticed where she was, but she was just so focused on Powell and knives and guns and other people that once they're gon, she starts to take in the room."  When Todd realizes what's going on, he gives her prompts to help her remember things about her life.

Meanwhile, Powell has managed to kidnap baby Chloe and brings the child to Todd and Marty, explaining that she is their granddaughter.  They both quickly realize he's not bluffing and urge the psycho to hand over the child.  Powell refuses to let Todd have the tot, but Marty tries to get through to Powell by thanking him for bringing them there because it helped her regain her memory.  "The stakes are even higher with a child there and she manages to see where all this is coming from, what's driving him," explains Haskell.  "Obviously, he blames Todd, but he also needs Marty's forgiveness, in a way."  After Powell places the child in Marty's lap, a look between Todd and Marty sets him off and a struggle ensues.  John rushes in and shoots Powell before he can stab Todd.

At the end of the week, Marty and Cole share an emotional reunion.  "The son issue has been the most interesting part of this for me," shares the actress.  "It's interesting how it all fit together and it's heartbreaking.  She pushed him away and she still feels guilty about that."  Meanwhile, John still has two more women to save...