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Marty's Rapists Sentenced To Prison

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By Sheila Stenbach

Cover StoryOLTL’s Marty prevents Powell from committing suicide this week, then she finally sees justice done as her three rapists are sent to prison.

In Kevin’s room at the fraternity house, Powell, holding a gun, tells Marty he can’t face his parents’ grief if he goes to prison. Marty convinces Powell his parents will be even more devastated if he kills himself.

She tells him she won’t withdraw her charges; he should face the consequences of his own actions. Gently, she asks him for the gun, and finally, he hands it over. Marty unlocks the door and gives the gun to Hank. Powell says he’s ready to make a statement.

Todd’s hoping his lawyer can figure out some kind of entrapment defense. The lawyer cuts him off, telling him Powell has made a full confession. He tells Todd he has no choice but to plead guilty.

As Todd curses Powell, his father angrily tells Todd to quit blaming others for the mess he created. Todd’s going to jail, his dad says, and he wants him to take it like a man.

A badly shaken Todd then learns from his doctor that the blow to his head has caused deafness in one ear, and the scar on his cheek will require extensive plastic surgery.

At the courthouse, all three rapists plead guilty. Todd’s lawyer asks for leniency, saying Todd has already suffered greatly due to his physical injuries.

Nora, who’s no longer representing any of the defendants, notes that Todd brought the injuries on himself. But she makes an impassioned plea on behalf of Powell, explaining he’s truly remorseful and has punished himself far more than the court could. Marty then surprises everyone by giving a moving speech asking mercy for Powell. She’s forgiven him, she says, and considers Powell a victim of that night as well as herself. As for Todd and Zach, a lifetime behind bars wouldn’t be enough to make up for what they did to her, she adds. Court adjourns.

When the judge returns, she passes sentence: eight years for Todd and Zach, eligible for parole after four years, and one year for Powell, eligible for parole after three months. A furious Todd tries to grab Powell, but guards break them up. As Marty and Nora embrace, Todd vows vengeance on them and Powell.

SOAP OPERA MAGAZINE spoke with the four stars involved in this tense storyline’s dramatic conclusion.

Susan Haskell

Zach, Todd, Powell and Marty

“Marty appeals to the judge on Powell’s behalf because he’s the one who helped her nail the other guys,” explains Susan Haskell (Marty). “She’s always sensed he was different from the others, and that he felt terrible about what he had done. Bu the other two always acted like there was nothing wrong with what they did, and Marty can’t take that.”

Does she feel justice was done? Susan answers: “In something like rape, it’s hard to feel that justice has been done. What’s happened to her is something she’ll carry with her for the rest of her life. There’s no way to make it go away, but at least she made people understand she wasn’t lying. She feels better about herself now that they’re convicted.”

Sean Moynihan (Powell) explains that Marty was able to convince his character not to commit suicide “because she’s been in his shoes Seven or eight months ago, Marty was in the same situation. She tells him of her experiences and that gets through to him. When Marty forgives him, he sees that even though it will be a difficult journey, he can get through it to a new life.”

What about Zach? Josh Weinstein, who plays the part, says: “Zach is really scared and he knows he’s got no other choice but to confess. But when he tries to make his own deal with Hank, it’s too late.”

Zach isn’t remorseful at this point, and he resents Powell getting off with a light sentence, Josh adds. “Zach still doesn’t think he raped Marty. She was coming on to everyone at the party. Zach is admitting it now only because he wants to save himself.”

Roger Howarth (Todd) says his character “is mad at everybody, especially anybody in a skirt. He’s upset at Powell and equally upset that Nora would manipulate things so Powell got off with an easier sentence than Todd and Zach did. In Todd’s mind, Powell is equally guilty of rape.”

Does Todd feel any remorse? “No. No remorse at all. I think he knows what he did; but he just doesn’t care.”