Susan Haskell

Most Beautiful Woman

Soap Opera Digest 



Unusual Compliment: "Somebody told me I have nice feet. What do you say? 'Well, thank you, I guess.'"

If She Could Exchange A Body Part: "I'd want broader shoulders."

How To Survive A Bad Hair Day: "I spritz it with water and add gel. If that doesn't work, [I wear] a baseball cap."

Best Feature: "My hair, especially when I'm wearing the baseball cap."

For Her Last Meal On Earth, She'd Order: "Pepperoni pizza, a crisp salad and an orange soda."

Beauty Can Be Beastly: "When I was modeling, lots of people just assumed that I was stupid. People have certain stereotypes - It's a fact of life. But once I realized what those stereotypes were about, it didn't bother me. It just comes with the territory."

Beauty Secrets: "Clean living - not drinking, doing drugs, or smoking. Get lots of exercise."