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A Closer Look: Marty

Soap Opera Weekly

June 17, 2008

 By Gabrielle Winkel

Susan Haskell returns after basically a 10-year absence to explain what's been going on in that attic.

WEEKLY:  How was your first day?
HASKELL:  Well, if you count the real first day, it was easy.  I had one scene.  This guy carried me down the stairs and Marty was out cold.  So it was very taxing (laughs).  But the other day, on-set, I had 30 scenes.  I was like, "Okay!  Now we're jumping in."  It moves so much faster than it did when I was there before.
WEEKLY:  Is it fun to be back?

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HASKELL:  So much fun.  I was not worried about that, but I was thinking, "Okay, what am I going to feel like walking in there?  Am I going to feel like, 'Ugh, I did the wrong thing'?"  It was definitely weird walking down those stairs again.  But, seeing people like Susan Gammie (costume designer),[while] Hillary (B. Smith, Nora) and all the guys on the crew were giving me hugs, I could not have felt any better.  I was feeling like I did the right thing.
WEEKLY:  How did you enjoy meeting Brandon Buddy (Cole, Marty's son)?
HASKELL:  I had met him at Super Soap; he seems adorable.  I haven't worked with him yet, but it's kind of a kick that Marty has a 20-year-old son.
WEEKLY:  What's happened to Marty?click
HASKELL:  She's obviously been in this huge accident.  Ramsey found her and nursed her back.  She's been bedridden, and then a huge thing transpires.  Marty is trying to escape but can't physically do it.  Then someone finds her.
WEEKLY:  Now you and Thorsten Kaye (All My Children's Zach, Haskell's partner) are back to being a two-ABC soap family?
HASKELL:  Yeah!  It's crazy.  We talked about this for a long time.  Frank (Valentini, executive producer) was ver patient.  He was after me for a while to get back.  I always told him, "I'm going to come back.  I'd like to come back to One Life.  I'd like to play that character again."  A lot of it was just logistics, because we are in Connecticut most of the time, and we have two girls [McKenna, 5, and Marlowe, 1].  Thorsten's mom has moved close by, and she's helping out in a huge way.  We have this great nanny that's been with me since the baby was born.
WEEKLY:  Now for the big question:  Is everyone a big Detroit Red Wings fan in your house?
HASKELL:  He has such passion for this team and the sport.  He got jerseys for McKenna and the baby.  They high-five him when [the Red Wings] score -- it's great.