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What Would Happen If Marty Came Back?

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Susan Haskell has mixed feelings about the new life she has carved for herself in Los Angeles.  "I love the space, having so much room," says the Daytime Emmy Award-winning actress, who in 1997, after five years as her Lupus-stricken, rape-survivor character, left OLTL and moved from the East Coast to the West.

"A yard, a pool - it's great, but I do miss New York," she says.  "I think a bit of both worlds would really be perfect."

Although she has not been seen nor heard from in Llanview since the day she walked off into the sunset with on- and off-screen beau Thorsten Kaye (ex-Patrick), Haskell remains popular with fans.

In fact, she says, "I just found out I have a website."  She's being modest.  The site in question is actually more like a cyber-shrine to Haskell and her former OLTL character, with everything from a bio to baby pictures!  Haskell is flattered by the attention and amazed that the site even has details on her new projects, including her recent guest role on the UPN series Sliders.

Her career, however, has been briefly sidetracked by the death of her grandmother, with whom she was very close.  Haskell temporarily put her acting projects on hold and moved back home to her native Canada to be with her grandma.

These days, though, she's back in LA and is concentrating on building a resum√© she can be proud of.  As for whether she'll ever return to Llanview, "I don't know," she answers, picking her words carefully.  "I won't say no.  But right now, I am excited about being out here and trying something new."

On the other hand, she admits, "When you play a character that long, you wind up really getting attached to it, and you wonder, 'What would happen if I came back?'"