Susan Haskell

Marty Set To Return!

Soaps In Depth

May 19, 2008


Less than six months after killing her off, OLTL is set to bring back the character of Marty.  But can the show woo back original portrayer Susan Haskell, too, or will it be forced to recast yet again?

The In Depth Story:  When Christina Chambers' year-long stin as Marty ended in December, setside wags were certain that Haskell would return after the new year to reprise her Emmy-winning role.  Months later, with sources close to the actress reporting that she has consistently wavered on whether or not to return to acting full time.  (She and Thorsten Kaye, Zach on AMC, have two young daughters.)

But now it appears that OLTL is bringing Marty back regardless, as an insider reveals that scripts have been prepared with the character in place.  Haskell portrayed Todd's rape victim from 1992-97 and again in 2004 and 2005.  She was reportedly offered the role in 2006 but turned it down because she was pregnant.  Chambers started in November of that year and played Marty until a surprise firing ended her stint in December 2007.

At the time, Marty was tragically killed when her car exploded following a showdown with Irish terrorists, but her body was never recovered.  The timing is now perfect for the character to be resurrected from the not-so-great beyond:  Not only is her son, Cole, expecting a child with Starr, but Ramsey -- who unwittingly contributed to Marty's death - has been tending to a mysterious person in his home, leading some to speculate that the unseen individual is not rival John's presumed dead ex, Caitlin, but John's presumed-dead girlfriend, Marty!