Susan Haskell

No More Soaps For OLTL Star - Now!

Soap Opera Update



Why She Left:

After five intense years on the show--recognized by an Outstanding Supporting Actress Daytime Emmy--Haskell felt the need to move on, she says. "Although I loved the character of Marty, it was time to branch out."

What She's Doing Now:

Besides "getting accustomed to Los Angeles and all the driving," Haskell has kept busy with episodic television, as well as meeting with feature film directors. She also recently hosted a talk program for the Global TV Network in Toronto.

Would She Come Back To OLTL?:

Maybe someday. "I really, really loved my role and I do miss playing Marty," Haskell tells Soaps In Depth. "I doubt that I will ever find a better TV role than that, so never say never!"