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Sense of Self

Soaps In Depth

February 9, 2009


Memory loss certainly isn't a new story concept for soaps, but everything that has happened to Susan Haskell's amnesiac Marty definitely is!  However, despite all the horrors that have taken place in the character's life in recent months, her loss of memory is the one thing that continues to mystify Haskell.  "I can't imagine," the actress says of Marty's struggle to not only remember everyone in her life, but herself as well.  "It's like you wake up on a different planet, and everybody knows who you are, but you're just floating around!" she says in awe.  And the actress should know, considering she's tried imagining herself in the unusual situation in order to make it real for Marty.  "It's so unsettling!" 

That's a Fact

Haskell has a degree in biopsychology!