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Night Of Love With A Dangerous Stranger

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By Sheila Steinbach

Marty Saybrooke went to Ireland to take control of her life - and she ended up getting involved with a mysterious stranger, a presumed murder and a sizzling love triangle.

What did Marty learn from herself in Ireland and how will that affect her life?

"Marty tends to run away from her problems," says Susan Haskell, who plays the role, "but I think she learned to confront her fears.

"The two major problems were her aunt and her parents' death," explains Susan. "Marty met those crises head-on - and because she did, she put a lot of stuff behind her, which gave her new strength. Also, the closure with Todd about the rape played a huge part. The memory will never be gone, but now she can grow past it.

"When Marty met Patrick, she wasn't afraid - partly because there was no time to think about it," Susan adds. "If she'd had the time, she might have talked herself out of it. Marty's not stupid. She wouldn't jump into something without thinking. But she just had a feeling about him, that she could trust him.

"That's unusual for Marty - trust is a huge issue with her. There must have been something special about Patrick that she recognized right off and couldn't really control."

Patrick and Marty, InishcragPatrick's troubles, and the adventures they shared, resulted in an attraction neither of them could deny, and they ended up making love.

"In the back of her mind, Marty hoped it wouldn't be a one-night thing, but I think she was caught up in the moment," Susan reveals. "She was far away from home, it was magical and she was swept away. It was very 'freeing' for Marty, who's been so restricted in her life."

When Todd came to whisk her back to Llanview, Marty left him behind to deal with Patrick. Then she learned Todd had been killed while trying to help.

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Susan thinks that what Marty learned about herself in Ireland helped her make the decision to accept Dylan's proposal when she got back to Llanview.

"I think Marty cleared her head and realized what was good for her," she says. "Dylan loves her, and she loves him. Marty's still very confused about Patrick, though, and as much as she's trying to put it out of her mind, she loves him, too."

How would Susan describe Marty today? "Definitely matured. Definitely stronger. Definitely trying to accomplish things and not get caught up in her past anymore. It's funny, though," she adds. "Marty has just eliminated so many things, yet there's Patrick, this guy she can't seem to shake. She wants to move on, but she can't. She's fighting it, but something is going on in her heart and she doesn't understand what it is."

What does Susan want to see happen? "This triangle is fun," she laughs. "I'd like to see how Marty deals with it."

"And she's got a new problem: She feels guilty about Todd. Although she wished him dead many times, Marty never really meant it. But as much as she tells herself she didn't pull the trigger, she knows she's the reason Todd came to Ireland - and she blames herself for his death. And now she'll have to deal with Blair, too."