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This Triangle is About to Explode!

Will one man be forced to give up Marty or will Blair change it all?

Soap Opera Update


 By Irene Vitale

After being stranded on a deserted island together, Marty finally admitted her true feelings to Patrick on ONE LIFE TO LIVE. In a life-altering moment, she decided once and for all to let her husband Dylan go – and to spend eternity with her true love. But, as fate would have it, Dylan’s back pain developed into a serious spinal injury, leaving Marty “paralyzed” to tell him the truth. Dylan’s condition forced Marty back into the role of devoted wife, as her guilt and sense of obligation got the better of her. Will she now be able to give her heart to Dylan?

“The way she feels about Patrick, there’s no room for anybody else,” says Susan Haskell about her character. “She loves Dylan for the good person that he is. But with Patrick, it’s all-encompassing, and that’s what scares her so much.”

And the brooding Irishman can’t seem to get her out of his mind… or his heart – even though she’s made a sacred vow. “Patrick’s love for Marty is greater than respect for the institution f marriage,” says Thorsten Kaye (Patrick). “I personally would not pursue a woman who decided to marry another man, but I’ve never been in that situation. Patrick believes in her deep in his heart.”

Even Christopher Douglas (Dylan) admits that his character cannot win. “Her one true love is Patrick,” he says. “Besides, many people are responding to the Marty/Patrick storyline.

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Adds Thorsten Kaye, “From what I understand, (the outcome of the story) may be determined by that response.” For the record, SOU’s poll has confirmed the overwhelming popularity of the couple: 85% of OLTL fans queried picked Patrick over Dylan. “Marty and Patrick bring out the best in each other; they have great chemistry,” says one ardent fan. “It’s true romance, as opposed to the ‘safe marriage.’”

But is Marty getting a bad rap for stringing two men along? “She’s not trying to hurt anyone,” says Haskell in defense of her character. “Dylan’s really helped her a lot. However, being with him was an intellectual decision, and that’s not right in a matter of the heart.” If Marty never met Patrick, “she could have had a long and happy life with Dylan,” Haskell continues. “There may have been something missing and she would never have known it. What they (Marty and Patrick) have is on a completely different level, and once you have a taste of that, you can’t get rid of it.”

Although Marty may decide to stay with Dylan for the time being due to his incapacitation, her problems may be jut beginning. According to executive producer Susan Bedsow Horgan, Blair will complicate matters when her scheme to get back at Marty by seducing Patrick backfires. She truly begins to fall in love with him. “Blair is hoping that Patrick will finally turn to her,” says Bedsow Horgan. “Then, a shocking development will change everything for Marty and Dylan.”