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Gold Star

Susan Haskell (Marty) is This Issue's Outstanding Performer

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November 29, 2010


The last several months have not been a walk in the park for ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Marty. She suffered the tragic loss of her unborn child with John, then watched him reunite with Natalie and start a family with her. Although the pain was very real for Marty, she internalized it and took the high road, wishing the couple well. But one thing was clear: It would only be a matter of time before something - or someone - would cut through her seemingly-stoic exterior.

As she came upon the gruesome scene just after Cole shot Eli in cold blood, something awakened in Marty, paving the way for Emmy winner Susan Haskell to turn the tide and once again remind us of her alter ego's fierce determination and tremendous fighting spirit.

A Mother's Love
Realizing the magnitude of Cole's actions, Marty instantly sprang into action in order to protect her only child, telling him to go home and clear his head because she was going to assume responsibility for the crime. Haskell didn't play the moment with over-the-top hysterics but rather, with a calming presence that allowed us to root for the mother and son in a profound and different way. "I killed him," she told Brody, looking square into his eyes without even so much as flinching.

Later, at the police station, despite Natalie's evidence that Cole's fingerprints were on the gun, Marty stood her ground. "I want to do this. You will understand this one day. A mother will do anything for her child," a tearful Marty told Natalie. When John arrived, he instantly suspected something was off and put Natalie on the spot, forcing her to admit what she knew, much to Marty's dismay.

The Last Straw
Next, Marty discovered Hannah's betrayal. "I took you into my home... I trusted you," she told the unstable coed before she was carted off to a jail cell. However, the most crushing blow came when John told his former flame that he couldn't allow the mother of his child to cover for Cole. An emotional Nat offered an apology, but it fell on deaf ears. "You're not sorry yet, but you will be because I'm going to make you pay for destroying my family," the enraged mother promised after having slapped Natalie across the face.

Thanks to the incomparable Haskell's fiery performance, we're waiting with bated breath for Marty's next move as heartbreak and disdain begin to color the choices she makes. Haskell always captivates us with her unique ability to play both the calm and cunning aspects of her alter ego's personality. That is why she is simply the best!