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Time For OLTL's Bride To Decide!

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By Sheila Stenbach

Patrick, shot by Bass, makes his way to Marty’s house – and she jeopardizes her wedding to Dylan by taking him in and caring for his wounds.

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She hides him in her attic when she has to go to her wedding rehearsal, and Patrick tries to get up. He’s so weak, he falls and reopens his wound. When Marty returns, she finds him feverish and delirious. As she’s tending to his wounds, she whispers, “Don’t die, Patrick!”

That evening, Marty prepares for the rehearsal dinner. Dressed up and ready to go, she checks on Patrick. Just as he tells her one last time that she belongs to him, Marty hears Dylan’s voice calling her. He’s come to take her to the dinner.

She pauses as Patrick twines a strand of her hair, seemingly unable to resist his touch. He pulls her down to him and tells her she’s breaking his heart, but she pulls back as Dylan calls out again.

She stands up to go, desperate that Dylan not find Patrick. He reaches out, but can’t stop her.

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Marty's got a wounded lover in the attic and her fiance at the front door... will it be rebellious Patrick... or will she stick with faithful Dylan?

When Dylan greets Marty with a kiss, he notices some blood on her hands. Marty covers quickly, but she’s visibly flustered. When Dylan hears a radio, Marty says she must have forgotten to turn it off and heads for the attic. As she leans across Patrick to shut off the radio, she tells him to stay…he’s safe.

Just then, Dylan starts up the stairs – and Marty races out as Patrick softly murmurs, “Goodbye, Margaret.” 

After Marty and Dylan leave, Patrick struggles to get up and make it to the phone, knowing he needs to warn CIA agent Rogers that Bass is going to kill Bo.

Then he decides on a plan to find Bo. He manages to get to Asa’s house and hides in the trunk of his limousine. When the limo pulls up at the Palace Hotel, Patrick gets out of the trunk. As he’s going inside, he can hear the sound of revelry – and then someone announces that the bride and groom are arriving. Marty and Dylan’s rehearsal dinner has just begun.

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Why does Patrick turn to Marty for help? “In his delirious state, he simply finds himself at her door, as if he’s instinctively drawn to her,” explains OLTL Executive Producer Susan Bedsow Horgan. “He immediately regrets it, but he’s too seriously wounded to leave.”

Thorsten Kaye (Patrick) agrees. “If you’re in love with someone, it sticks with you. It’s not something you can turn off,” he says.

Dylan, who is unaware that Marty has hidden Patrick in her attic, has been hurt before by his fiancée, but he’s committed himself to her nonetheless. How does he feel about their future?

“Dylan is secure in the fact that Marty loves him,” says Christopher Douglas (Dylan). “He’s trusting – which could be his downfall.”

What are Marty’s feelings about the two men in her life? “She’s torn between them,” declares Susan Haskell (Marty). “She takes care of Patrick because she loves him, but she doesn’t admit that to herself. She’s afraid – but she couldn’t live with herself if Patrick died.

“Still, she loves Dylan, too,” Susan contends. “She believes she’s made the right decision and she’s going to marry him. She’s been honest with Patrick,” she adds. “She’s told him why she needs to be with Dylan. She’s been alone and scared so much in her life, but when she’s with Dylan, she’s fine.”

What happens on the wedding day? Here’s Susan Horgan’s sneak peek: “Patrick bursts into the room where Marty is dressing with her bridesmaids. He begs her to talk with him one last time, and she agrees. Will he get her to call off the ceremony?” Stay tuned!