OLTL's Todd Makes A Shocking Request

Soap Opera Digest

September 9, 2008


Just when Marty is feeling it's time to flee the coop, Todd stuns her with a bizarre request:  He needs Marty's help raising Starr's baby.  "Her feeling is that she's in the way and he's done this much for her and she should be able to take care of herself," previews Susan Haskell (Marty).  "So she says, 'I'll get out. I don't want to overstay my welcome,' and then, of course, he comes up with an idea that changes her mind -- 'cause he's so good at that."

Little does Marty know that this is just one lie in a string of many.  "I think the hardest party for me, as an actress, to get over is that she does trust him," Haskell admits. "But there's no reason for  her not to. All she's seen is what he's told her, but it's all good and helping." Although his request is pretty unreasonable, Marty's maternal instincts take over. "The idea of a baby and that whole thing is really very appealing, and wanting to help someone who's helped her is ultimately what allows her to say yes. It's not a practical decision and it becomes more of an emotional one," Haskell reasons.

"Ultimately, she's still at a place where he is what's safe; that's all the world she knows right now," continues the actress. "She thinks someone tried to kill her, so it's a pretty good reason to stay with what you know. She's going to get stronger and stronger, but it's a tough road to come down. She's been pretty much wiped out, phsyically and mentally."

Meanwhile, Marty's not completely impervious to Todd's sex appeal. "I think she is slowly coming around to something, but it hasn't really been on her mind. Perhaps in the back of her mind is that there's this attractive man taking care of her," observes the actress. But the idea of anything between Marty and her onetime rapist -- whether it be friendship or romance -- has some viewers squiriming. "It's a very sensitive issue and I do everything I can to make it appropriate," asserts Haskell. "I get both sides of it, but [viewers] need to understand that from my point of view, it's not Marty attracted to her rapist at all. If she had the real information it would never be happening. I think it's an interesting way to bring back this character and have all this stuff exploding in their faces, yet another take on the same stuff."