Susan Haskell

Haskell Returns To OLTL

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June 17, 2008


Even though ONE LIVE TO LIVE has not official announced it yet, Susan Haskell has confirmed on her Web site that she'll be returning to her Emmy-winning role of Marty!

The In Depth Story:  Execs had been hoping that they could woo back the actress, who previously played Marty from 1992-1997and again in 2004 and 2005.  But  Haskell had been reluctant to return in a full-time capacity before now because she has two young daughters (with ALL MY CHILDREN's Thorsten Kaye, who plays Zach).  OLTL recast the part with Christina Chambers but fired her following a lukewarm audience response in late 2007 after only a year.

"It's good because [Haskell's daugher] Marlowe is now 1, and McKenna is, like, 5," says Robert S. Woods (Bo), who's starred with Haskell throughout her prior stints.  "So, she got to spend time with them, which I think is valuable, and now she can come back and work."

Marty was killed last December when her car exploded after a showdown with Irish terrorists, but her body was never recovered.  Her son, Cole, is now expecting a child with Starr, while her boyfriend, John, remains determined to bring down the new police commissioner, Ramsey, who unwittingly contributed to Marty's death.  Recently, Ramsey has been tending to a mysterious person in his home, leading many to speculate that it's actually Marty.  Expect to see the mystery unfold in June.