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Star Treatment

Spend a Day at the Spa With OLTL's
Susan Haskell (Marty)

Soap Opera Update


By Debbie Shafer; Photography by Barry Morgenstein; Hair & Makeup by Amanda Shackelton

They're two women who seemingly have it all - fame, fortune, Emmys…but time to kick back, relax, take it easy? Forget it! One Life to Live's Hillary B. Smith (Nora) and Susan Haskell (Marty) share more in life than just a dressing room: Each of these talented actresses devotes so much of her time to her career and her loved ones that there's barely a minute left to spend on herself. Something about this didn't seem quite right to SOU. And since they are two of our favorite people, we decided to treat this twosome to some much-deserved pampering. On a rare day off, we took Susan and Hillary to the Miano/Viél Salon and Spa, a fantastic oasis of beauty and nurturing set smack in the middle of New York City. No, this was no mirage! 

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The actresses thought they were dreaming - they couldn't get over all the personal attention, how soothing the treatments were, how dynamite they looked and felt in the end. Their only lament: Do we have to go home now?

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Fresh Face

Susan admits she does try to squeeze in a facial about once a month because "I have to wear so much make-up every day." 

Here, Alla Katkov gives her a 1- hour facial, including a deep pore cleansing by steaming the face, massage of face, neck and shoulders, and purifying and toning mask to achieve a fresh, glowing complexion.The salon reports this special facial helps control excess oil and rebalances the skin. Susan says she was so relaxed she almost fell asleep!

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No-Nonsense Nails

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"My sister loves manicures and pedicures, so sometimes she drags me along with her," Susan reveals. Here, Frida Pankevich shapes the actress' nails into a pretty but practical length. 

Tender Lovin' Care For Hair 

Angel Torres gives Susan a Kiva massage, a procedure which uses massage and stimulation of the pressure points in the head, neck and scalp, combined with the Native American Anasazi tribe's hair and scalp treatments to result in a healing, soothing experience - not to mention healthy, gorgeous tresses! Torres gave Susan an "herbal melody treatment," which "makes the hair much stronger and adds shine," he reports. Since Susan's hair was already in great shape, he finished by just trimming the ends a bit. 

You can pamper yourself at the Miano/Viél Salon and Spa, located at 16 East 52 Street in New York City. Call (212)980-3222.