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Bad Times for Marty

Soaps In Depth

May 25, 2010

It ain't easy being ONE TO LIVE'S MARTY.  She recently lost her and John's baby, and her son, Cole, is fighting for his freedom.  And did we mention Natalie wants to steal her man?  How much more can Marty take before she cracks under the pressure?

The In Depth Story: Marty's current trials and tribulations have undoubtedly turned her world upside-down, and the good doc's portrayer, Susan Haskell, reveals that things will probably get worse before they get better.  "Things fall apart," she teases, adding that the situation is extremely intense.  "It's complicated, because it involves her son as well.  She's pulling away from people, which she has a tendency to do."

Of course, pulling away from the John is probably the last thing she should be doing under the circumstances.  "He really did want to have that baby.  It gave them an extra level of connection, but it's not going to be enough," Haskell says, pointing out that without a baby in the equation, Marty has more reason than ever to fear Natalie's presence in the cop's life.  "The doubt has been put in her head, so I think [the outcome] is really up to John."  And without the baby, can the cop deny the pull he feels toward Nat?

Still, Haskell believes her alter ego can weather the storm.  "She's a very strong woman," insists the actress.  "You can't take that away from her, but I think all those events definitely make her more apprehensive, and she shuts down to protect herself."

Lest we forget, the last time Marty started acting this way she reverted to her roots as a party animal.  Will Cole's mom allow herself to once again spiral out of control?  "It's tough, because she really feels beaten," admits Haskell, adding that as bad as things have been, Marty's not yet in the clear.  "There's definitely a lot of anger [to be dealt with]," she teases.