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Susan Haskell And Ricki Lake - Separated At Birth

OLTL star and talk-show host put one over on mother-in-law - played by Shirley MacLaine - in life and death comedy

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OLTL star Susan Haskell (Marty) says she and Ricki Lake had a real belly laugh filming the new comedy Mrs. Winterbourne.

"In the movie, my husband and I are on a cross-country train we're taking to meet my mother-in-law, and we befriend a pregnant unwed mother (played by Ricki)," says Susan. "My character, Mrs. Winterbourne, is also pregnant. When the train crashes, my husband and I are killed, and Ricki's character takes my place. She wants to make sure her baby will have a better life, and since my  mother-in-law (played by Shirley MacLaine) has never seen me, she accepts Ricki into the family."

Susan says that working with Ricki was an absolute pleasure, even though the two had to endure one minor hardship - they filmed all their scenes together wearing prosthetic bellies. "Our characters were supposed to be eight months' pregnant," Susan explains. "it was such a relief at the end of the day to take it off. It was kind of odd to look down and not be able to see my feet, but at least my ankles didn't swell."