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OnlineHost: Welcome to the ABC Auditorium. Today we're joined by Susan Haskell who plays ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Marty Saybrooke. A young rape survivor, Marty has learned to love again thanks to handsome and sensitive Dylan Moody. Marty recently married Dylan, even though she is still undeniably attracted to the mysterious Patrick Thornhart.

OnlineHost: A native of Toronto, Susan started modeling at age 16 and was cast in numerous commercials while still in high school. Her first professional role came in an episode of the TV series, "My Secret Identity." Marty Saybrooke is Susan's first daytime role, and she won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 1994 for her vivid portrayal of Marty.

OnlineHost: This past year has been a busy one for Susan, since she recently completed several TV and film projects, including the miniseries "Danielle Steel's Zoya;" and "Fast Forward," an ABC Afterschool Special. Susan is also featured in the motion picture, "Mrs. Winterbourne," which stars Shirley MacLaine and opened nationally on April 19th.

ABCStar: Hi, everyone. This is ABCJoanne and I'm here with Susan. Here comes her first question.

Question: Hi, Susan! What was your first professional acting job?

ABCStar: Hi. My first role was on "My Secret Identity" which was a Canadian show that was syndicated in the U.S.

Question: Do you still model?

ABCStar: Yes, periodically. It's just tough, however, with working every day on the show. The last one I did was model for the L'Oreal hair color box.

Question: Susan, I think your work is wonderful. Can you tell us what a typical day is like for you?

ABCStar: Roll out of bed, rush to work, get my coffee on the way to the studio. Do dry blocking with the director. Then I shower and get hair and make-up done. Next is blocking up on the set for the cameras. Then I grab lunch--mostly ordering it in since I have to run lines. After lunch, we tape the show! And finally, home again--anywhere from 4 pm to midnight.

Question: What is it like having to pick between two handsome men ;)

ABCStar: It's not my choice--really. It's the writer's choice. It's just a perk of the job!!!!

Question: Who do you want Marty to end up with Dylan or Patrick?

ABCStar: I don't want to answer that. What I want is for the story to continue for a long time going back and forth between both men! I'm having too good a time. And we have some great stuff coming up between the three of us.

Question: How did you get the role in "Mrs WInterbourne" I read somewhere that you were close to home when it happened?

ABCStar: Yes. My mother is my manager and I went home to Canada to visit my parents. While I was there, I went to see a friend who's a casting director in Toronto and, while I was there, Richard Benjamin, the director was there, too. So, I ended up reading for him and I got the part. It was definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time.

Question: I met you last year at the OLTL luncheon ,are you gonna be there this year too?

ABCStar: Yes, I will be. It's April 28th and I'm looking forward to being there.

Question: Who are your best friends on the set?

ABCStar: I'm close with Thorsten (Patrick), Chris (Dylan) and Hillary (Nora). Hillary and I share a dressing room together.

Question: Which scenes are the hardest to prepare for - for you?

ABCStar: The scenes Thorsten and I shot outside in the cold were the hardest. The scenes were so emotional, and it was soooooooo cold, that it was hard to concentrate. Also, there was so much time between scenes (with the crew preparing the shot) that it was hard to keep your concentration.

Question: What was your favorite storyline?

ABCStar: Well, the whole rape storyline. I think that for an actress, the content was the best I've ever had. It was an important story to tell. I felt like we were discussing something important.

Question: Susan, Your role as Marty has caused alot of hysteria among the fans, because so many of them think you should have chosen Patrick over Dylan. How do you feel about the controversy your character has caused?

ABCStar: That's what soaps are all about!!

Question: Will Marty ever go back to being the bad girl? this goody goody stuff is getting boring

ABCStar: Let's hope so!

Question: How did you like working with Shirley MacLaine?

ABCStar: You know what--I actually didn't work with her. I was on at the beginning of the movie and she came on later. I worked with Brendan Fraser and Ricki Lake.

Question: How did you get started in acting??

ABCStar: I started doing TV commercials in Canada when I was a teen-ager.

Question: Susan, I just love your character and your acting. Do you have an organized fan club of any kind?

ABCStar: Yes, I do. My club is free. To join, write to me at the studio. The address is: One Life to Live, 56 West 66th Street, New York, NY 10023.

Question: Susan, Of all the people on OLTL, who do you appreciate working with the best?

ABCStar: Anyone who remembers their lines...

Question: I am still in Middle School, but I love your show. I was wondering what time it's on, so I can record it.

ABCStar: The show airs at 2 PM, Eastern time.

Question: Do you have any advice for actors who are just getting their start?

ABCStar: Yes, get an education. I think it's important to go to school, no matter what you're studying.

Question: Do the writers ever ask the actors for their opinions about storylines?

ABCStar: Yes. Generally, it's not an organized thing. I just happens when you run into them and start talking. Or, if you have a problem with something regarding your character, you can go and meet with them.

Question: How long have you been on this soap?

ABCStar: Four years.

Question: Is Andrew now completely out of Marty's life?

ABCStar: No. Andrew will always be someone that Marty knows that she can turn to.

Question: Which actor is a better kisser-The one who plays Patrick, or the one who plays Dylan

ABCStar: Wouldn't you like to know???!!!!!! LOL!

Question: I think you are a GREAT ACTRESS!!!!!!! What would you like to see happen with Patrick and Marty???

ABCStar: That's up to the writers. Whatever they decide, I just hope I get to keep working with him. He's a wonderful actor.

Question: Your character has been very good at times and very bad at others. Which is harder to play?

ABCStar: LOL. Bad is harder to play--but it's also more fun.

Question: Susan, The Romeo and Juliet scene you had with Patrick was outstanding. Will you and Thorsten be doing more of this kind of stuff in future scenes?

ABCStar: I really hope so. I would love to do more of it and I'd love to see him do more of it. He's very good at it.

Question: Your wedding dress was great! Was it terribly uncomfortable?

ABCStar: Funny enough, it wasn't. It was very comfortable. It was hand-made for me. I used to model a lot of wedding dresses and they were always itchy. But this one wasn't.

Question: How much longer do you plan to stay on OLTL? I read somewhere that you were originally planning to be a doctor? Any plans for med. school in the near future?

ABCStar: No plans for medical school. Playing one on TV is enough!

Question: what inspired you to be an actress?

ABCStar: The answer really is that once I started it, I just knew that it was what I wanted to do. I hadn't really planned on it.

Question: Do you watch your show during regular program hours?

ABCStar: Sometimes if I'm at the studio and have extra time, I will watch since we always have it on here.

Question: Except for your own soap, do you have another favorite?

ABCStar: I don't watch any others.

Question: The gentleman who plays Patrick, is he as charming off screen as on screen?

ABCStar: Yes. (ABCJoanne seconds that, too!!!!)

Question: What would think of somehow expanding the Saybrooke family with a long lost sibling?!

ABCStar: That would be interesting. It would certainly change Marty's perspective on life, since she's always been alone.

Question: Is your hair naturally curly? I noticed on one show that it was straight. It changed your whole appearance for the better.

ABCStar: Yes, it's naturally curly. We straightened it for fun, just for a change.

Question: I think you have the best stage tears I've seen. Every time you cry it's so effective. Is it difficult to cry in scenes?

ABCStar: No--if you're attached to the character and the material, you feel those emotions. For me, when I feel that, it's easy to cry.

Question: What do you like to do in your spare time?

ABCStar: I like to go to flea markets, antique shops, and hang out with friends.

Question: If you were able to write the storyline for Marty, what would you like to see happen? What characters would you want Marty involved with, if anything you wanted could happen?

ABCStar: Well, I'd like to see Nora more involved in her life--especially after what they went through together during the rape trial. Also, I'd like to do a scene with RJ.

Question: What was it like working with Ricki Lake?

ABCStar: I was a lot of fun. She's really down to earth and we had a great time working together.

Question: What is your favorite part of your job as Marty?

ABCStar: Living and working in New York City. Also, the whole cast and crew at the show make it so much fun.

Question: My friend Mike worked on the show writing music 2 summers ago. He said you were great. He also said you were very smart. Can you explain that degree you have? Sounds complicated.

ABCStar: LOL. My degree in biopsychology is the study of the brain and behavior. It's a double major studying the interaction between the brain and the body, and the environment.

Question: Did you like your scenes with Robin Strasser when she bought Marty's old house? You two seemed really good together!!!!

ABCStar: That's true actually. We had a lot of fun. I like working with her. I like it when Marty works with strong characters.

Question: Susan, I read somewhere that you really do play the piano. Did you do your own playing on OLTL when you and Patrick were trying to decode that song?

ABCStar: Parts of it. But I'm no where close to being the pianist that Marty is.

Question: I heard that you recently did an on-location shoot. Will it be romantic?

ABCStar: There will be some romance--yes. But, to tell you the truth, it was freezing out there when we shot it.

ABCStar: Gotta go everyone! I was just paged to the set to tape my scenes. Thanks for having me. By the way, to find out about this week-end's OLTL fan event, check in the OLTL Library in a folder called "Talent on Tour." See you again soon!

OnlineHost: Thank you for joining us today. Don't forget to watch Susan on ONE LIFE TO LIVE every Monday through Friday at 2:00 PM, ET, on the ABC Television network.