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Todd And Marty Play House

Soap Opera Weekly

September 9, 2008


Todd asks Marty to help him raise his grandchild (actuallytheir grandchild) this week, which begs the question: What in theworld's going on here?

"He tells Marty: My daughter has agreed to let me raise the child,"sets up head writer Ron Carlivati.

"Initially she's like,'Are you kidding?' She doesn't know he's lyingabout everything," explains Susan Haskell (Marty). "She says, 'I can'teven walk and you are asking me to help you raise a child.' But as timegoes on, she does want to help him because he's been so good to her. Onan emotional level, bringing a child into the picture gives you afocus. It's the idea of having a purpose."

Meanwhile, Todd crashes Starr's Lamaze class and uses that forum --Starr, Blair and Marcie are all there -- to apologize and declare thathe's becoming a better person. "Starr believes him 10 times more than Icould, because Starr is so close to Todd," admits Kristen Alderson(Starr). "Those are the exact words that she has been dying for Todd tosay to her. They are a dream come true."

Too bad Todd doesn't mean a word he's saying to Starr or Marty.

"He is lying through his teeth," confirms Trevor St. John (Todd). "Justbald-faced lies. It's great stuff."