Susan Haskell

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Soap Opera Weekly

February 8, 2011


Susan Haskell took viewers on a wild trip to crazyland after Marty delivered Natalie's baby and then became convinced the child was hers.

At first, Haskell spat Marty's words as she left Natalie in the throes of labor. But it was a very controlled Haskell who returned as efficient doctor Marty and delivered Natalie's baby - only to become unhinged as she insisted the newborn was hers and John's.

When Marty first declared, "We have a son," it took Nat, John and viewers by surprise. Haskell's voice went up in pitch and she began rushing her words, signaling Marty's disconnect from reality. "We finally have the baby we were meant to have," she gushed to a startled John.
When she arrived at the hospital, total disorientation took over; words flew out of Marty's mouth so fast, she practically tripped over them. Haskell's eyes glazed over as the character completely rewrote the past few months. Marty became hysterical as she demanded to see "my baby" and had to be dragged out of Natalie's room. Haskell was still screaming as a nurse sedated Marty, then winced and slowed down as the sedative took effect.

Later, as Marty sat tied to a bed, Haskell rocked as Marty consoled herself. She was down, but not out.

Marty may be off her rocker, but Haskell is definitely on top of her game.