Those Magic Moments

Marty Is Raped

Soap Opera Digest



There are certain soap soaps in which stellar performances blend to produce moments that are simply…well, magical.  In this column, Digest takes a look back at these instant classics.

When It Aired:  May 1993
What Happened:  An intoxicated Marty showed up at the Kappa Alpha Delta Spring Fling and gave the brothers quite a show – dancing on tables and chugging liquor.  A concerned Kevin carried Marty up to his room to sleep it off, then returned to the party.  Meanwhile, football jock Todd, who was angry with Marty because, as his tutor, she failed to help him pass his class, rallied his cronies, Powell and Zack.  The trio then headed to Kevin’s room.  As the party raged on, Marty’s cries were muffled as the men viciously gang-raped her.


What Made It Memorable:  OLTL was known for its underground cities and time travel when it tackled this gritty storyline.  The plot, thoroughly researched, painted a vivid picture of the aftereffects of acquaintance rape.  In addition, Marty’s ordeal and the resulting trial showcased the talents of Susan Haskell (Marty) and Hillary B. Smith (Nora), who had both joined the cast a year earlier, and newcomer Roger Howarth (Todd).

Susan Haskell Recalls:  “Those were some of the best scenes I got to play.  The courtroom scene and working with [Robert] Krimmer [Andrew] and Hillary – those were amazing days.

What You Didn’t See On-Screen:  “For the actual rape, they brought us in on a Saturday and gave us the day to do all we needed to do.  We got to stay in character and that’s all that was going on.  Taping the courtroom scenes was like any other workday, but they were good about catering to the people who needed the most help, knowing it was physically and emotionally [draining].

The Aftermath:  “I remember being absolutely exhausted.  I was getting nosebleeds in the courtroom from stress.  Mentally, you know it has nothing to do with you personally, but you’re living it as a character, and it absolutely affects you.”