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This Year's Crop Of Daytime Emmy Nominees Tell All

Soap Opera Digest

September 1, 2009


Congratulations!  How did you find out you were nominated?

"I was up on set, and they came and told me, so that was kinda fun."

What did you submit?

"I submitted some of the stuff where Marty is being held captive and John smashes through the window at Todd's house and she finds out that Todd raped her and that she has a son.  You know, light stuff (laughs)."

Did you have any input in what to submit?

"My mother always watches and lets me know what she thinks, and Hillary Smith (Nora) helped me, and John Turino, one of our producers, helped....I can't pick and look at myself and decide.  My mom said she liked the stuff in the hospital, but it was split into two shows, so I couldn't use it."

How did you celebrate your nomination?

"I don't know that we really did because Thorsten (Kaye, AMC's Zach) is nominated, too, and we called each other and then got home and it was all about the kids, so it was pretty low-key."

If you win, who will you be sure to thank in your speech?

"Frank Valentini (executive producer), for having me on in the first place, and of course, Thorsten and the kids for putting up with me being gone a little bit more than I like to be.  And my nanny and my mother-in-law, wh o make it all kind of work at home when I'm not there.  I mean, there are a million people, but those are kind of the main ones, for sure."