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Marty's love dilemma is a difficult one.


The Best and Worst This Spring

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Which Man Is Better For Marty?

Soap Opera Update



Which Man is Better for Marty?

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Dylan is sweet, loving and offers the kind of stability that's always been lacking in Marty's life. He has a heart of gold, and spends most of his time doing volunteer work.

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Patrick represents danger and excitement. He is a hopeless romantic, who knows how to push Marty's buttons. It's the type of passion that Marty's dreamed of... if only she wasn't devoted to Dylan.

Best Triangle


How lucky can a girl get? Newly married to arguably the best looking, nicest guy in town (that would be Dylan), Marty also has the heart of Patrick, the man who swept her off her feet in Ireland just a few weeks before marrying Dylan. Sure, the fans love to see Marty and Dylan together, but it's obvious that she can't get Patrick out of her heart and mind.