Susan Haskell

Love... & all that Stuff 

A Production of Weddings & Honeymoons

November 1998

By Joyce Barstow, Editor-in-Chief

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Love ... & all that Stuff, hosted by Emmy award-winning actress Susan Haskell, is geared towards women viewers 18-55 who are first or second time brides and/or their mothers.

Susan, co-host Paris Black and reporters Cory Dimon and Natalia Podstreleny,  provide viewers with a practical magazine-style program of information on the role Cupid plays in our lives, along with advice on how to plan and budget a wedding celebration, how to choose romantic places to visit and an insight on how to live together.

Susan Haskell

The Love Gang... Emmy Award Winner Susan Haskell (Top Left) with Co-host Paris Black and reporters Cory Dimon (bottom left) and Natalia Podstreleny

Experts  discuss the LOVE word and how men and women use it... the battle of Lust vs. Love, and For Love or Money, interracial unions and how to make them work and is marriage really better the second time around!

The Falling in Love segment includes guest experts author John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) and Hollywood and Palm Springs romance Astrologer and talk show host Dana Haynes. These experts will discuss the "love" word and how men and women use it...  the battle of Lust vs. Love, and For Love or ?"

The Proposal segment includes Ellie Joos, author of Offray's Glorious Weddings, who shows how a bride-to-be can make her own beautiful wedding accessories from ribbons; and Professor Dale Peers of Seneca College's Fashion Resource Department, who discusses the symbolism and traditions of the wedding dress from the 1800s to the 1990s and how the wedding dress reveals information about the economic, cultural and sociological history of its time.

Susan Haskell

The Wedding segment shot on location in Hollywood features great romances of the silver screen; and bridal gowns worn by stars at their real wedding. 

Susan Haskell

Susan and the rest of the Love... & all that Stuff cast - Cory Dimon, Paris Black and Natalia Podstreleny

The Getting Married in the Movies feature will include an interview by Paris Black of Michael Walsh, author of the new best seller As Time Goes By, a novel of Casablanca. They discuss Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and  the classic love story, which in its day epitomized the meaning of the word "romance."

The Honeymoon segment includes visual descriptions of honeymoon spots and romantic destinations and the how-tos, pros and cons of honeymoon weddings as well as an opportunity for viewers to win a "Dream Holiday."

For fun, Wild & Wacky weddings in the air, on land and sea is featured along with romantic love songs. The Love... & all that Stuff Special is being taped on location in California, a surprise travel destination and Toronto. The Special is not only for prospective newlyweds to enjoy but also for their families, friends and, in fact, all couples in love.